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Welcome to the Steel Building Store

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Welcome to Standard Steel Buildings We are one of the best known and most respected steel building companies in the world when it comes to prefabricated steel buildings. We know that when shopping for a steel building what it really comes down to, is quality, and price. Simply put, we can’t be beat on quality, and we won’t be beat on price. We specialize in church, school, and commercial metal prefab buildings. We’ve designed the most comprehensive and informative website on the market, with one goal in mind; to help you understand the available options and differences between one building and another. Many customers simply don’t know the questions to ask; for that reason, we’ve created the Learn More section. If there is one section of the website you definitely want to check out, it’s the warning section. It’s very easy to be taken advantage of when buying a steel building. Our warning section will show you some of the most common pitfalls to look out for. If you are ready for a quote click the request quote button or simply give us a call.


We believe the most important things in the purchase process of prefab metal buildings are quality, Customer Service, cost, on-time delivery and warranty. Therefore we make sure the following are strictly enforced.

  • Quality – We provide only the top-quality American made prefabricated steel buildings and accessories.
  • Customer Service – We provide all of our customers with a project coordinator that will walk you through the entire project from concept to delivery. We offer what we believe to be the best Customer Service in the industry.
  • Cost – We pride ourselves in the fact that we always show our customers the best and least expensive way to accomplish their project.
  • On Time Delivery – We schedule delivery dates to suit our customers needs insuring an on time delivery of each and every product we sell.
  • Warranty – We stand behind our products long after delivery is made. We offer lifetime warranty protection on our prefabricated steel buildings,and have several warranty programs on the different components and accessories we carry.
“If you are thinking of purchasing a new steel building, get in touch with
us and we will do our part to ensure your project is a successful one !”

hand-shakeTake the time to visit the Better Business Bureau website and check out every company that you talk to. We have the highest rating you can possibly get (A+) with the BBB. Beware of companies trying to sell you clearance buildings. Steel buildings are designed for your specific city, county and state with your specific snow load, wind load, seismic and exposure ratings. The likelihood of a company having a clearance building designed for your specific specifications is slim to none.




appl People think that all prefab steel buildings are created equal, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve taken the time to shop around, you may have found that other companies have turned buying steel buildings into an act almost like ordering a pizza. (Yeah, I’ll take the large 3 topping building with insulation, man doors and a roll up to go please). The people you talk to come across as car salesmen and try to get you to make quick decisions not taking the time to educate you on what you are getting into. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases customers get taken advantage of and end up unhappy with their purchase. We operate under the premise that customers like to BUY rather then be SOLD. In order to truly BUY steel buildings, you need to be educated on what you want. Most buyers simply don’t know the questions to ask to be able to compare quotes apples to apples. We will spend the time to educate you on all the possible options. When you compare us to other companies you will find that we beat 9 out of 10 companies on price, and you couldn’t pay double and get a higher quality building.

Contact Us today to learn more about how prefabricated metal buildings can help you save money and time!

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