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Buying Process / Budgetary Numbers

Request a Quote

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  1. Obtain a quote from Standard Steel Buildings.
  2. Once you make a decision to move forward, you then speak with Order Processing. They will find out how you want the building titled (company or personal name), where to mail the blueprints, whether you want the building ordered for permit or production and when you would like to take delivery.
  3. We only require a 25% deposit to get your building project started. Once order processing receives your signed purchase order and deposit, they will assign you a project coordinator.
  4. Work with your Project Coordinator on doors, windows, insulation, color selections, etc. Once you finish with your Project Coordinator, the information is submitted to engineering and your blueprints are typically finished in 2-4 weeks.
  5. After you receive your blueprints, check with your local building department and obtain an approval to build.
  6. When you are ready for your building to be manufactured we will have you sign a release for production, we will then start the manufacturing process. Manufacturing times range from 4-6 weeks depending on complexity of the building and time of the year.
  7. Remaining balance is paid at time of delivery by certified funds (cashier’s check) to the delivery driver.


Budgetary Numbers

image004  Are you in the early stages of planning your building project and need a “ballpark” idea of what it will cost? Many of our customers had no idea how inexpensive going with a steel building could be. For that very reason, we have provided you with a “ballpark” range of costs below, to show you how going with a steel building could help you come in under budget!




  • Steel Building, Concrete and Erecting $15 – $17 per square foot
  • Components (Doors, Windows, Insulation etc.) $2 – $3 per square foot
Steel Building Conventional Construction
Example: 50 x 100 x 16 = 5000 sq. ft. Example: 5000 sq. ft. building
5000 sq. ft. times $16 per sq. ft. = $80,000 5000 sq. ft. times $110 per sq. ft. = $550,000

NOTE: Prices may vary depending on geographic location. The prices above are not representative of extreme locations such as Dade or Broward county Florida, or Los Angeles county California. The prices above do not include the cost for finish out of your building.