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Prefab School Buildings

Prefab Steel School Buildings can save you up to 50 % off the cost of conventional construction.

School systems nationwide are cutting costs and many are finding it impossible to meet budgetary requirements. A steel school buildings can be a viable option. Standard Steel Buildings can show you the way to save up to 50 % off the cost of conventional construction with prefab metal buildings and have your school built in a fraction of the time. We offer steel school buildings that are cost effective, flexible, low maintenance and energy efficient structures that can be designed to fit almost any situation.

Many organizations feel the exterior look of a prefab steel buildings just isn’t that appealing. Steel buildings no longer have to look like a warehouse. Standard Steel Buildings can accommodate exterior options including stone, brick, slate and stucco. We also offer a full line of doors, windows, and accessories that give you the ability to customize your school building project.

A prefabricated steel building has many advantages over conventional construction. School prefabricated metal buildings are resistant to fire, wind, water, snow and seismic activity as well as most pests such as termites, providing safety and stability to its occupants. Now it’s easier than ever to expand your steel building which gives you the ability to plan for the future without having to pay for it today.

Our Prefab School Buildings are shipped from 21 manufacturing plants within the United States. All of our shipping points are AISC certified (American Institute Of Steel Construction) and in good standing with the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturing Association). We take great pride in using American steel, ensuring that our customers receive only the best quality steel school buildings available.


“We can’t be beat on quality, and we won’t be beat on price”

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