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Steel VS Conventional

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Steel buildings offer a cost effective, flexible, low maintenance and energy efficient structure that can be designed to fit almost any situation.

10 Reasons for Going with Steel vs. Conventional

  1. Cost – Typical conventional construction including (kitchens, bathrooms, etc…) can range from $100-$125 per sq. ft. or higher, depending on your location. Steel buildings normally range from $50-$70 per sq. ft. including (kitchens, bathrooms, etc…).
  2. Clear Span – With conventional construction you can go up to 80 ft. wide and maintain a clear span. The wider you go the more expensive it becomes. Steel buildings can go up to a 300 ft. wide and maintain a clear span.
  3. Warranty – You typically get a 1 year warranty with conventional construction. Our steel buildings come with a LIFETIME warranty on the structure and 25 year warranty on the paint.
  4. Maintenance – Using conventional construction methods requires a great deal of maintenance, such as paint, shingles, siding etc. With steel buildings, you simply power spray once a year.
  5. The Elements – The elements affect conventional construction and steel buildings very differently.

    Wind: Our buildings can be designed to withstand a 160 mph sustained wind.

    Fire: You can burn a conventional construction building down with one match. You can take a flamethrower to the side of a steel building and do little more than harm the paint.

    Water: We have a red oxide coating on our steel that acts as a rust inhibitor. Steel will not soak up water or have mold problems that are found in conventional construction.

  6. Pests/Termites – Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on conventional construction buildings each year due to termite damage. No problem with steel. We have yet to discover a termite that can chew through a main frame I-beam.
  7. Flexibility – Expansion on conventional construction buildings can be expensive and sometimes impossible. Steel buildings allow you the flexibility to expand in almost any size or shape in a very cost effective manner.
  8. Pre-Engineered – Using a Pre-Engineered steel building provides a fast, economical and efficient way to construct your building. Our buildings are precut, pre-punched, pre-drilled, and pre-welded virtually eliminating human error. Show me the straightest 2×4 you can find and I will show you a bent piece of wood. With a pre-engineered building you simply line up the holes and bolt it together. A conventional building can take several months to complete. A pre-engineered building can be put up in as little as a few days.
  9. 6 sets of Engineer Stamped Blueprints – We provide 3 sets of permit drawings and 3 sets of construction drawings. All sets are engineered and stamped for your city, county and state building codes including snow, wind, seismic and exposure ratings.
  10. Exterior Options – As with conventional construction buildings, steel buildings can be designed to support any exterior such as brick, stone, stucco etc.


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